Think you don’t have time to follow a healthy diet? Then it is time to reconsider. Whether you work long hours or simply lack the motivation to eat healthily every day, prepping your meals in advance will help you stay on track and greatly reduce the number of times you pick up the phone to order takeaway throughout the week. Just a few simple steps can ensure you stay on top of your health game. Yes, it might take a few hours out of your day, but it will save you endless hours throughout the week in return, and we also bet it will save you quite a bit of money too.

Think About It
Jotting down what you plan to eat for each meal in the upcoming week might not be exciting, but it is a foolproof way of making sure you nourish your body, and also prevent any food spoilage. Once you have your meal plan prepared, you can transfer the information from it into a shopping list and hit the supermarket to start getting the food prep ready. Want help getting your grocery list together? There’s an app for that!

Shop Smart
They say if you have healthy food in the house you will only eat healthy food, and we totally agree. Make sure you schedule a few hours during the weekend or the start of every week to go grocery shopping and buy all the essentials you will need to make your healthy meals. When you get to the supermarket make sure you have a list of the foods you need to hand and stick to it. Yes, that means no giving in to sweets at the check-out counter and never go to the store hungry! Once you have all your ingredients to hand, you are ready to hit the kitchen and start prepping like a pro.

Start Cooking
Depending on how much time you have to spare during your week and how committed you are, the amount of food prep you do will vary. Here are some suggestions:

  • Overnight oats
  • Homemade granola
  • Marinate chicken breasts
  • Make homemade salad dressings
  • Pack raw nuts into individual portion containers
  • Cook quinoa, brown rice, and/or brown pasta
  • Make homemade hummus
  • Make energy bites/granola bars
  • Slice and prepare green smoothie ingredients and freeze for use later

Packing Makes Perfect
Let’s be honest, Tupperware is not all that exciting, but packing away all of your marvellous creations once you are done with cooking is extremely important to preserve their shelf life and make sure they stay fresh throughout the week. Be sure to have various sizes of containers (from the very small to large) to accommodate your snacks and meals.


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