If fitness runs through your veins and you love helping people achieve their health goals then maybe becoming a fitness trainer is the right choice for you. We don’t want the risk of not making enough of a living stop you from pursuing your passion. That’s why Mira Zein who juggles a corporate 9-5 job and her CrossFit training job is here to tell you how you can do it, no matter what hard it may seem.


I love fitness but I’m not so sure I want it as a side hustle, how did you know you wanted to make a living out of your passion for fitness?

It wasn’t planned and I was never really passionate about fitness in general till I started CrossFit! The challenges this sport brings mentally and physically got me hooked after just a couple of months of doing it. It always makes you work hard for your next achievement – and trust me your body can do a lot more than you thought!

Becoming more and more passionate about the sport itself and the time spent in the box with athletes that become friends, helping and cheering for each other, I started to feel the attachment to learn more about how I can help others achieve what they think is impossible! It ended up becoming the most satisfying way I spend my free time, release stress and make friends! While getting paid! Who would say no to that?


How do you manage your time between working two jobs?

My day is basically split between these 2 jobs! I have a 9 to 5 corporate job -that becomes very demanding at times and then the coaching job that I manage before and after my office hours. Some days I do it early in the morning before getting to the office and some other days I do it at night, to maintain a good balance per week, taking into consideration my own training hours as well.

To be honest, OF COURSE, it becomes challenging at times when I get to work long hours or get dragged in long meetings; but thankfully I have an amazing team of coaches that support me when things get out of hand!


Where are places, I could start my fitness instructor career? Do you have any recommendations?

I was lucky enough for it all to happen where I started my CrossFit Journey, in CrossFit Engine38! I fell so in love with the place; where I got to learn everything I know about CrossFit. I had a bunch of very helpful coaches and friends that supported me once I expressed my interest in becoming a fitness instructor myself.

After I observed a lot and shadowed most of them, I took it to the next level and started studying for the CrossFit L1 Trainer Course. I then flew to the US to attend a CrossFit Seminar; luckily for me with some of the best CrossFit Staff Coaches and got Certified to become a CrossFit Trainer. I became equipped with enough knowledge to teach new athletes the needed techniques and drills for the sport. It learning doesn’t end here, I learn every day so much from the experiences I get exposed to, the on-the-job learning and the interactions with athletes.

My advice to anyone would be to first ensure they are developing the right passion for this career and start where they feel most comfortable to learn and are surrounded by trainers and coaches they trust. Read a lot, ask questions and like any other profession, keep learning and get certified!

Frankly, that’s just the start. There are endless learning opportunities, and specifically for CrossFit, there are certificate levels that I wish to complete along with specialty courses such as weightlifting, gymnastics, kids and many more!


How much money can I expect to make working for a gym/fitness center?

Well, I can’t really give an actual figure. When it’s not done on a full-time basis, it becomes the kind of job you get paid for by the hour. So it is basically based on the time one could spare from their day! A matter of the hours dedicated to coaching among other professional and social activities.


How do figure out how much to charge for my services if I work freelance, what range is acceptable so I am not under or overcharging?

Again, It isn’t about a fixed fee! You definitely have to study the market and know the similar offerings since it differs from one fitness type (Yoga, Crossfit, Pilates) to the other. It also differs from a one-on-one basis or for a bigger group of athletes. It also depends on the time you are capable of sparing a day, how many days a week, the commute from and to the training place. I would say it ranges from 100 to 200 EGP per training session, but again that’s just a rough range. It’s like any other job; the more you give, the more you get.