All my life, I’ve been blessed *ehm ehm.. or cursed* with light, frail eyelashes. So, ever since the minute I discovered mascara, I’ve been notorious for packing on coats of it to get more volumized lashes that aren’t almost invisible to the naked eye. Can you imagine how psyched I was when I heard about this new eyelash extensions trend? Of course, I instantly booked an appointment with a beauty specialist and tossed my mascaras away (and later went back to retrieve them- we’ll get to that part later!). 

My beauty specialist gave me 3 options to choose from: the natural lash extensions, the 3D lash extensions, and the 4D lash extensions. Wanting a  more subtle look, I went for the natural ones. I simply just wanted a bit more volumized and neat looking lashes so the natural extensions were going to work just fine. The application process was not at all painful and took about 15 minutes followed by a 5-minute wait for the glue to dry off. My eyes did get a bit irritated from the glue, but it was no big deal as a few minutes later, the irritation went away.

How did they look? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I won’t lie. They made me look more awake and opened up my eyes- I finally had LASHES! Another upside to getting those falsies on is that I literally no longer needed to wake up earlier to apply some makeup to my face- I got to have 15 extra minutes of sleep every day.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though. My problems with the eyelash extensions began the first time I hit the field to exercise. Being an American Football player, I train rigorously 3 times a week for 3 hours/day- thus, I sweat buckets. This just meant more irritation for my eyes, which would sting me all throughout practice. The eyelash glue when mixed with sweat basically meant hell for my eyes!

A refill is needed every 2-3 weeks for the eyelash extensions and during the time between booking your refill appointment and actually getting the refill done, you will be stuck with uneven, semi-full lashes that just look… odd. I was constantly annoyed with how jagged my eyelashes looked before the refill and it made me even more self-conscious about them.

All in all, eyelash extensions, despite looking flawless for the first week, became a bit of nuisance for me by the second week. I’m all for getting them done before going on a long vacation or every once in a while to treat myself though!