Family gatherings are the best, but we are somehow programmed to take over a dessert every time we go to one. Desserts are great, there’s no doubt about it, but there are other things you can bring which are much healthier, more economically friendly, and can also be put to better use.

Fruit & Veggie Basket

fruit and veg basket

Instead of dessert, you can treat your loved ones with a fruit and veggie basket from Sara’s Organic Farm. This is sure to please any food lovers out there, and is especially great if there are kids in the family to be nourished from the inside out. It’s also a great choice if you are visiting someone who has recently sparked an interest in health, wellness, or cooking.

Gift for the Home

gift for the home

Something as simple as a vase of flowers or an artistic drawing can be much more valuable and unique as a gift to present to someone. This will be especially useful if you are visiting a newlywed couple, or someone who has just moved into a new place. You can personalize this gift to the receivers based on their taste too, which will show how much thought has gone into it.

Artificial Flowers

artificial flowers

Real flowers are great, but it can be frustrating when they only last for a few days or if someone in the house is suffering from allergies. Instead, you can invest in real-looking artificial flowers such as the ones from Outside In to gift to your family and friends. They make a great addition and brighten up any room.

Make Your Own Dessert

make your own dessert

A dessert that you have made on your own, with love (and much healthier ingredients) is far more thoughtful than going out and buying processed cakes. Check out our favorite healthy dessert recipes here. Experimenting in the kitchen will be mentally fulfilling for you, and more nourishing for your loved ones too.

Board Game

board games


Taking over a board game to your family gatherings will make for a great bonding activity. They are entertaining, will attract all ages, and are generally much more FUN and interactive. Games are guaranteed to encourage everyone to put their phones away for the night and enjoy each other’s company more.