Since graduating from the Jewelry + Metalsmithing program at the Rhode Island School of Design, Farah moved to Cairo to teach with the goal of opening her own studio and eventually turning it into a contemporary jewelry gallery. 

Farah was always interested in the making process of art, whether painting, sculpture, photography, etc. That’s where she started considering herself a multi-disciplinary artist, with a passion for contemporary jewelry. 

She firmly believes that jewelry can be considered as small sculptural objects that can be made out of any and all materials – contemporary jewelry allows one to break and question the norms of traditional jewelry into a new life, picking and choosing the materials to best express a concept. 

With her interests in psychology and human interaction, Farah became heavily involved in research and concept-building around the relationship between an object and the human body – or specifically,  jewelry and the human body.

With this concept, she has produced all her work entirely by hand in her Cairo studio. Farah’s work ranges from the silver and gold commercial pieces to the experimental glass and fabric jewelry pieces that are a lot more conceptual and artistic. 

Farah has also been participating in jewelry fairs and art exhibitions in Amsterdam, Dubai, Egypt, and London. Most recently she was selected for Milan Design Week and Venice Design as the first Egyptian exhibitor in either and both independently.

Today, through her studio, she is building a community through her personal and shared studio space in Old Cairo, “StudiowithFarah” where she teaches technical jewelry making and design courses, as well as workshops for beginners, and mentors young designers through their first collections.