It’s hard not to have an opinion when faced with the global political events that we seem to constantly be faced with lately. If you’re on social media, you know it’s inevitable that at least once throughout the day you’ll find something to raise your voice over, even if it’s only in your head. Amidst the news and others’ ideas, theories and beliefs it can seem daunting to find a statement that’s worth standing behind. In the last week, singer/songwriter Malak El Husseiny used her voice and began promoting the Instagram hashtag #Immuslimand, to bring a positive and diverse light to the prejudices against Muslims portrayed in the media. She began the campaign by posting to her more than 43,000 followers:

malak3Hundreds have responded to Malak’s initiative with photos and posts of their own to offer the world a realistic view into their lives and religion. Malak herself has reposted more than 50 photos and statements from others since her original one less than a week ago. Algerian musician, Said Karmouz, showed his solidarity with the initiative by sharing this to his more than 400,000 followers:

SaidWe’d like to use our voice to show appreciation and respect to Malak’s initiative in providing a positive outlook for a much needed cause. Thank you, Malak!