The colors of nature have a neutralizing impact on our mental well-being. The sound of the sea waves, the feeling of the warm sand beneath our feet, and the salty taste of sea waters bring an innate feeling of serenity.

More times than not, when the idea of long, endless, sandy beaches arises – our minds travel to depict a spectacular beach in Thailand, Cuba, or Hawaii…

KAI is a three letter word meaning SEA in Hawaiian, which brings us to The Kai Sokhna Resort by Misr Italia Properties.

KAI Sokhna offers an exceptional beach experience that is less than 2 hours away from Cairo!

Kai Sokhna is the perfect destination when you’re looking for a place to relieve the daily stress of the city and enjoy some quality time with friends and loved ones.

It is designed with the intent to target a community of like-minded people, through portraying a lifestyle you can identify with. And In this resort you’ll also get to enjoy a unique design for all the units courtesy of Alchemy Design Studio, with a spectacular waterfront sea or pool view.

In a spacious, sandy beach-sided area of 35 Acres, you’ll be treated to enjoy the luxury of an extravagant holiday, with a 1KM long sandy beach front, 366 chalets, a 5 star signature Hilton Hotel & Resort, “Fins” – an upscale kitesurfing center designed by Segments Architects and managed by the best in the field of kitesurfing Sherif Soliman and Jennifer Osman, beach restaurant and bar by TLT hospitality, kids area, an infinity pool, a commercial strip, supermarkets, a clinic and much more…

Words cease to define such an exclusive experience. To even bring you closer to the feel of the resort, we embedded this video offering a very witty point of view of Kai Sokhna. The high-end production of this video and its very eloquent narrated description offers us spectators a taste of how KAI will inspire you to “INHABIT THE SEA”.