On the set of 50 Shades of Grey, the design of Christian Grey’s apartment is a great inspiration. Set designer C. Scott Baker created an interior masterpiece, where every room has a character of its own. Every detail in the apartment represents strength, richness, and boldness. From the materials used to the furniture pieces, the apartment is to die for.

The Entrance Hall
CG3The combination of dark marble, patterned partitioning, modern artwork, art-deco sideboard, and brass console is an eclectic’s dream.

Living Room
CGLIVINGThe funky, yet luxurious furniture pieces stand out in this modern, open spaced interior. The sequoia table, by Boco de Lobo, is definitely one of my favorite pieces in the apartment.

The Dining Room
CG4The dining table is simple and modern, yet the unpredictable brass sideboard is the masterpiece of the entire house.

His Bedroom
CG2The clean lines and solid colors of the bedroom represent the masculinity of the character. Nestled in the corner of the room is a beautiful Poliform inspired organic chair.

Her Bedroom
CG5The dainty bedroom is very different from the rest of the apartment. The beautiful wallpaper and chic armchair complete this feminine look.

The Closet
closetThe use of dark wood gives a very rich and masculine look to this room.

Here are some of my favorite eclectic furniture pieces used in the apartment:

All photos are from the Christian Grey Apartment website. Click here to enter and explore more of his richly decorated domain.