Paint is the key to making a house look and feel like a home. We can make our homes beautiful by choosing colors that reflect our personalities. Room color might not be something that we spend a lot of time thinking about, but it is certainly something that affects us every single day. The color of our rooms is definitely something that can influence our mood and thoughts . And since we are all about good vibes and anything and everything that  boosts our well-being, we couldn’t miss the big reveal of Jotun’s 2017 color trends event: “A World of Dreams Within Your Walls”


Held at the very fitting Dusit Thani, Lisbeth Larsen, Global Color Manager of Jotun introduced us to their mesmerizing three dreamy palettes. They knew that we would have a hard  time waiting to get home to start painting our own homes so they literally handed us brushes to paint some walls, but enough with that and lets get to the more exciting part of the day.

The paint company has divided its selection into three palettes, Nordic Living, Urban Living, and Continental Living. All three palettes are made to satisfy personal desires in mind and different tastes all the way from the purpose of creating an intimate atmosphere to creating more space by making a room brighter with some natural light colors.

Here is how to choose the right palette for your home:


Nordic Living:

If you are a walk on the beach, stare at the mountain, bare feet on pebble beach kind of person, this palette is just for you. It represents earth’s essential elements with sandy browns and steely blues like you would only see on the side of the alps. The natural look is our favorite for making your home totally zen; made of colors inspired by nature and minimalistic soft havens creating an atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassle of your daily routine.



Urban Living:

Think hip, cool, and a super playful atmosphere that’s inspired by Tokyo, San Francisco and other big cities that are no strangers for creativity and design. You are sure to boost your home’s energy by mixing the delicate greens  and pinks with a touch of white for an elegant and exciting look.



Continental Living:

What makes a home warm and cozy? The beautiful memories of course that you sense through the walls as soon as you walk into a room. This palette screams intimacy! If you believe in rich traditions and the finer things in life, we could not recommend anything more suitable. Walking through Jotun’s Continental Living  elegantly rich reds, purples and mustard shades it sure made us feel like we’ve traveled the world and came back with all those warm souvenirs that compliment the whole living experience. The warm palette contains burnt reds, such as Jotun Heat and Jotun Kilim, delicate Jotun Dusty Purple, and the brownish yellow hues of Jotun Dijon Yellow and Jotun Olive Brown. If you love to keep your travel journey alive and hold on to them even years after you’ve experienced them, we couldn’t find anything more comfy, cozy and elegant than combining those colors to create a personalized space that you can call “home”.