Entering the cold Fall/Winter months we’re more inclined to cozy up at home than go out and about. But if our homes still scream summer break, it will without a doubt interfere with our home’s cozy factor. To ensure your house got the memo that it’s starting to get freezing cold outside, we asked Interior Designer Angie Salama to give us her best Fall/Winter trend tips and tricks for the warmest coziest (trendiest) home decor.


Angie’s thoughts on Fall – Winter interior design trends

Fall Winter vibes within an interior space can be achieved by skillfully coupling up colors, textures, and accessories that allow for the general aesthetic to be cozy and warm.

What are the trending colors?

Mustard colored chair
Mustard colored chair


Terracotta colored table, cutlery and plates
Terracotta colored dining table
Blue Toned Chair and Walls with hints of mustard
Blue Toned Chair and Walls with hints of Mustard


Mustard, terra-cotta, and dark blue tones are trending in 2018 and were very prominent in Maison D’objet and Dubai Design Week this year.


How can we transform the aesthetic of a living room space into something cozy?

Incorporating warm colors like the trending colors mentioned above is a start. We can do that through cushions, throws, accessories, rugs, and artwork. Also, adding plants is an instant design solution to transform a space from cold to cozy.


Can a carpet revamp my space?


A carpet can take the same interior and give it a completely different visual vibe. A great example is what we did with the Artissimo corner. By changing the carpet from an off-white piece to a contemporary-classic piece we gave the corner a brand new vibe.

mustard chair with off white carpet
mustard chair with red carpet


Accessories are definitely the answer when you want to give your room a facelift without changing the furniture.

For example:

  • A grey or off-white couch in the winter: add cushions and throws with warm toned colors like mustard, terra-cotta color, or dark blue tones.
  • In the summer: Remove the throws and change the cushions into light-toned colors such as blush, or pattern and artsy designed cushions.

Now you see how easy it is to infuse your home with all the cozy winter vibes, you can check our Angie’s other interior design tips and tricks to help you get the home you always dreamed of.