The 5:2 diet, sometimes called the Fast Diet, is based on the intermittent fasting principle. The concept behind intermittent fasting is simple, in short it is periods of strict dieting and other periods of eating whatever you want when you want. Sounds tempting, right? Find out the truth about the claims before you decide whether or not you should delve into the diet.

The 5:2 diet is just that, you eat what you like for 5 days followed by 2 days of strict 500-600 calorie per day dieting. This is only a quarter of what your recommended calorie intake is. We get that the idea of only dieting for less than half your week can be appealing, but drastically changing your calorie intake from high to low repeatedly can really confuse your body and give it mixed signals.

Here is what usually happens after a month or two of following the 5:2 diet; your body starts sensing the shortage of food that is bound to happen, so it starts taking matters into its own hands and stores any food that you give it on non-fast days in case you start starving it again.

There is no doubt you will lose weight at the start when you begin consuming 500 calories per day, but this is just a short term response to cutting out food. Remember, our bodies are composed of smart systems that communicate with each other. If you don’t give it the nutrition it needs constantly, it will find a way to combat this. In the case of 5:2 dieting, it combats the issue by shutting down your metabolism. Love your body (don’t starve it), and it will love you back.

What are your opinions on the 5:2 diet? Have you tried it?