Whey and protein shakes are perceived by a lot of women the same way weight lifting is – a scary phenomenon suitable only for bulky men who eat 20 chicken breasts a day and spend three hours at the gym. In reality, that shouldn’t be the case.

Protein and lifting weights don’t mean a bulky body. For starters women don’t have the hormone levels needed to get a ripped six pack just because they workout and take a protein shake regularly. Secondly, we need protein for so many other functions in our bodies besides just packing on muscle. Proper enzyme function, wound healing, healthy hair, skin, and nails are just a few on the large list of protein functions in our bodies.

Having extra muscle mass does not mean you will look like the next iron woman. Muscles take up half the space of the same weight as fat. More muscles mean better definition and a more toned body. Who would say no to that?

But where does whey fit into a woman’s diet? You always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? For gym goers, more and more research is proving that the post workout meal is actually the most important meal. Eating enough protein post workout will help you get more out of your workout and recover faster. For some of us cooking a mighty meal straight after you workout might be inconvenient or unrealistic. Enter whey. A grab-and-go protein shake will provide your body with 25g of easily absorbable, high quality protein. The convenience of whey makes it a very attractive options for busy women that are always on the go but want to get the most of their training at the same time.

Whey isn’t just for protein shakes – you can get creative and use it as an alternative to flour to make desserts, energy balls, pancakes and smoothies too.

Finally ladies, don’t be afraid of protein, don’t be afraid of weight lifting, and don’t be afraid to be strong. Do you absolutely need whey protein? Definitely not. But will it make your workout journey a whole lot easier? Yes, most definitely yes.