Ramadan is the month of spiritual enlightening, family gatherings and mouth-watering food, most of which, unfortunately, is fried. Even if you’re eating as healthy as possible this Ramadan, you probably can’t resist having one or two Samosa (Sambosak) which means you’re using oil to fry them every single day of Ramadan.


We hardly really notice just how much cooking oil we use on a daily basis, but what’s worse is that most of us don’t know that the improper disposal of cooking oil (throwing it down the drain or the toilet) is actually quite detrimental to our planet.

Did you know that 1 liter of oil can contaminate 1 Million liters of water? Yes! It’s devastating how the way we handle our waste is painfully harming out planet.


This is why we were so excited beyond belief to know that Juhayna, an Egyptian company is taking the initiative to help save our waters by collaborating with Green Pan by Tagaddod. Tagaddod is a company that caters to the environment by turning conventional waste into unconventional solutions.


Green Pan in specific is an initiative that collects cooking oil from households, restaurants or hotels, and recycles it to be used in the making of biofuel as an alternative to diesel.  The initiative aspires to reach the largest number of Egyptian households and is targeting 4,000 homes during Ramadan. This diesel can be used to operate factories and manufacture glycerin with permission from the Ministries of Health and Environment.


So, How Does It Work?

The process is pretty simple really. You use your cooking oil as you normally would but instead of disposing of it, you collect up to 5 to 10 liters of it. You call their hotline 19481 and Green Pan will come at your doorstep to collect the used oil and give you Juhayna Tomato Puree along with other gifts. So, you’re saving the planet and getting free gifts for doing so as well.

We’re so proud of Juhayna for placing the environment at the top of their priorities. Their agenda clearly wants to rationalize energy consumption and shift to more responsible consumption while following global environmental standards. The company was honored by the Technology and Innovation Council’s Cleaner Production Technology Center “ENCPC” and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in recognition of their efforts in the environmental sector.