It can be tempting to assume that all liquefied fruits and veggies will nourish your body in the same ways, but the truth is there are unique major differences between the two that you need to know before you decide on which route to take.

Juicing – The water, vitamins, and minerals in the fruit or vegetables are separated from the pulp (fiber is disposed of).

Blending/Smoothie Making – Whole pieces of fruit or vegetables simply blended and broken down (fiber is not disposed of).

People in the nutrition and health world are split into two major groups; juice lovers and smoothie advocates. There are arguments to support both being the superior drink. On one hand, juices provide you with a very easily absorbable, concentrated vitamin and mineral solution that enters your bloodstream straight away and does not require digestion. On the other hand, smoothies contain fiber, which will slow down the absorption of sugar from your bloodstream, improve your digestion, and keep you fuller for longer.

If you suffer from IBS, juicing is a better option as too much fiber can trigger symptoms such as diarrhoea or bloating. However, for the rest of us, we should be taking in 18g of fibre per day, a figure most of us have trouble reaching from our diet. So smoothies are a great way of boosting said fiber intake.

Furthermore, with smoothies there is much more room for you to be creative and add extra superfoods to your creation. Some foods like banana or avocados cannot be juiced, but they can boost the nutritional profile of your smoothie if added. Also, some superfoods like chia seeds, flaxseeds, and dates can only be added if you are blending up a smoothie rather than creating a juice.

Making a smoothie only require a blender, which is something you probably already have in your kitchen and much more accessible than having to invest in a high quality juicer. The take home message? Focus on smoothies if you do not have any present digestive issues.

In the end, we like to look at it this way; we all need plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit in our diet, whether we eat, juice, or blend them. They are nutrient dense powerhouses, and however we choose to take them in – it’s all good!