Think trampolines are just for kids? Think again. Trampolines are making a comeback for adults as Jumping Fitness takes Egypt by storm!

There’s no doubt using a trampoline during your workout is so much more fun than the usual boring gym equipment. It will make you feel energized, helps avoid that inevitable boredom from traditional routines, and uplifts your mood. But that is not where the benefits stop! Jumping workouts will tire you out and challenge you like no other.

Core and Leg Workout
Your core needs to be engaged every time you flex off the trampoline, this is why jumping training can help give you more defined abdominals and increase your core strength. Not only that, but the consistent jumping at different angles and speeds targets all of your leg muscles and helps condition them, from top to bottom.

Low Impact Cardio
Jumping workouts will get your heart rate up in a matter of seconds, but they are much gentler on your body than running for example. The flexible surface you jump on moves with you as you land on it and absorbs the impact, so it is much gentler on your joints. This makes jumping workouts perfect if you are experiencing any knee or back problems.

Weight Loss
Studies have shown that people can work themselves harder than in a usual workout due to a decrease in the perceived fatigue. Essentially you feel less tired than you actually are because you are having so much fun. This means you can burn more calories and tone up faster than with normal workouts, which also means you can lose weight faster if you need to.

Boosts Lymphatic System
The specific bouncing movement of jumping up and down on a trampoline is a very effective way of stimulating your lymphatic system function, and improving flow of toxins from inside your organs to outside of your body.

Better Balance and Coordination
You might struggle to maintain your balance the first few times on a trampoline, but eventually your body becomes more in touch with its center of gravity and can maintain its balance under more varied conditions. This can improve your performance in all other exercises, but also helps with normal day-to-day activities.

Want to get in on the jumping action and bounce your way to better health? Check out Jumping Egypt’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more details on where your nearest venue is.