In a refreshing video we came across by Khalid Al Ameri, he sheds light on a topic we wish more men in today’s world understood; gender roles at home. Actually, the deconstruction of pre-conceived “gender roles” in a household. For way too many years, women have been put in a box where they are believed to be the one and only caretaker of any household. From managing the kids to preparing the food, almost all societies worldwide perceive this to be the mother’s role alone.

Al Ameri creates a short video to highlight how working mothers do about 100 hours of labor a week. That’s almost double of the average worker anywhere in the world who does around 47 hours of work!

A working mother goes out in the morning and does her job, and then she comes home and takes care of her responsibilities. Responsibilities that society believed that she should take care of, things like taking care of the kids, cleaning the house and preparing food for everyone in the house.

“Being a parent isn’t defined by your gender. parenting is a partnership. ” a real man, husband, and father isn’t just someone that goes out to work and comes back home with money. He’s also a man that supports at home. After a long day, it shouldn’t just be the mother sitting along exhausted. But rather, both parents should be sitting side by side relaxed because they helped each other. It’s not about what society defined what mothers should and shouldn’t be doing, it’s about what each individual couple sees fit. At the end of the day, making a relationship and a home work is about how you define roles and what each couple sees fit to make a happy home. Not society. Not pre-conceived beliefs of gender roles.

Watch the full video: