If you are a somewhat active Facebook user, you will most definitely have come across Khalid Al Ameri’s page and relationship advice that manages to leave us all speechless and stunned each and every time. Finding balance within your relationship is hard at the best of times, let alone during Ramadan. However, Khalid and his wife have found a way to use the holy month to strengthen their relationship instead of putting a strain on it. Find out the five ways they successfully managed to do so as a couple. Even with Ramadan coming to a close, these main points and lessons can help any couple find inspiration for strengthening their bond no matter the time of year:

1. Pray together
Prayer is a chance for us to reset ourselves five times a day, and in Ramadan even more so with Taraweeh and the late night prayers. Through our prayers we connect with Allah, express our love and devotion to Him, which brings a sense of peace and joy to our hearts and souls, and who better to turn to with that very feeling after you have finished your prayers and say “As Salam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu” than the person you love. There is nothing in this world that will grow your love for each other stronger than through your joint love for Allah, and Ramadan is a chance to increase those efforts.

2. Share one new lesson every day
During Ramadan there are plenty of TV shows and seminars on various topics from religion, health, and personal growth, so make it a point to share and discuss those lessons with each other every day. By sharing those lessons it shows that you care about the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of your partner.

3. Help or donate as a couple
Make it a point to dedicate time as a couple to doing charity or helping out in the community. That can be anything from volunteering at a food drive, to simply just being there for other friends to talk to and support. One of the greatest feelings in this world is making someone’s life a little bit better, so why not do it more often together.

4. Go on Iftar dates
Use Ramadan to spice things up with your loved one, and I am not talking about adding more curry powder to the Biryani. There is no reason you cannot be romantic during Ramadan, and why not use Iftar as a reason to go out together, reconnect, and explore different cuisines. You can make an evening of it, where you have your Iftar then relax together for small bites and coffee while you talk about anything and everything.

5. Take turns waking each other up for Suhoor
We all know how painful it can be to wake up for Suhoor in the middle of the night, especially when you just fell asleep about half an hour ago. There are tremendous health and spiritual benefits from this pre-dawn meal which is why it takes someone who really loves you to not just wake themselves up for those benefits, but to make sure you benefit from them to.

So for these last few days of Ramadan make sure your partner is by your side in the changes and growth you want to experience, and that you experience those things together.