If you have kids between the ages of 10 months to 10 years, then you’re probably familiar with the name Kiddles. One of Cairo’s finest drop-off centers that offers a safe, friendly and interactive space for parents to drop off their kids ensuring that they’re safe and sound and having a great time. Recently, Kiddles extended their entertainment game with their newest branch in Arkan Plaza in 6th Of October, Kiddles Up. A new space with a new concept, Kiddles Up is every kid’s wish and every adult’s dream of being a kid again!









Kiddles has been around since 2011, when they first introduced Cairo to a new concept of a space where both kids found entertainment and mothers were able to hang out. After 6 years in the market, the toddlers that have made Kiddles their second home are now outgrowing the activities there. So, naturally, it was time to come up with a new concept for the teens who were refusing to outgrow their comfort zone, and this is how Kiddles Up came to be.


Kiddles Up is an indoor play area for teenagers AND adults to relax and have a fun time. This isn’t your typical huge space with many toys laying around and a bunch of chairs for adults to sit on. Kiddles Up is upping the game big time, we’re talking about full-on spa treatments for your little ones, from a fresh manicure to bouncy waves! A football area, a huge trampoline, a playstation area, an air hockey table, a foam pool, a baby foot table, a mini-cafe, a billiard table, a karaoke room and we can’t get over their laser maze! Each and every room in Kiddles Up is fully equipped for you and your kids to have a fun-packed day every day!










To view their schedule for both kids and adults, check out their Facebook page