Kids get bored easily, especially during weekends and the holidays when there’s no school to keep their mornings busy or put some of their energy to good use. They become hyperactive, restless and loud. Video games, TV and technology in general have been highly successful in keeping them distracted and busy, but we don’t really want our kids glued to screens to fill their downtime, do we?

These reasons are exactly why we’ve compiled some of the best things your children can do in Cairo. These activities are sure to keep them busy and active, teach them new and creative things and give them the times of their lives.

Chocolatier Ganache not only sells you delicious chocolate, but also gives you and your kids the chance to make your own! You can color your chocolate, make it into special shapes (animals, hearts and so much more) and choose your favorite flavor to truly make it your own. With chef hats, chocolate batter, a variety of trays and all, the experience is one of a kind.

These aren’t just cooking classes. Their after-school programs are a mix of gardening, cooking, nutrition and ecology, teaching your children what goes into their bodies, what they need, and what the effect of all this is on their surrounding environment. Nafas help bring up a generation that is more aware of its consumption, health and planet. They also arrange special birthday parties, where your kid and friends get to bake their own cake, make their food and gifts – all from the garden and nature. Check their website or Facebook page for class schedules and topics.

SANE Egypt
Started with the vision of a cultural and diverse society, SANE offers a space that is inspirational, creative and cultivating of talent. Through the classes they offer, they provide their students with new skills and ideas. Kids’ classes at SANE are available to everyone from eighteen month olds to teenagers. They include cooking, art, music, dancing and language classes.

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy
Children can be very dramatic sometimes, so why not put that to good use? Part of the Australian Academy, Helen O’Grady Cairo teaches your children drama, communication and, most importantly, confidence. It makes them better able to articulate and express themselves. HOG offers classes at SANE, as well as other locations in Maadi, Tagamoa and some schools. They also have winter and summer day camp programs. Their classes are for ages 3-18, and the camps from 4-13.

ClubLiko makes every parent’s dream come true – a fun space where the entire family gets to enjoy the day. Parents can have coffee, enjoy the company of one another and relax while their kids engage in a diverse range of activities and are safely monitored.  There are sandboxes and swings, cooking activities and pretend roles where kids get to be chefs, scouts and more. Parents can also join in the fun if they want to. Their restaurant also offers delicious homemade choices for everyone. ClubLiko operated a winter camp during the Christmas holiday, so stayed tuned for other camps in the future.

Baladna Board Game, by Weladna
You probably remember playing Monopoly, Risk and other board games during your childhood. Worst-case scenario, you could always play cards. Nowadays, if kids even play these, it’s virtually on one of their many tech devices. So, other than outdoor classes and activities, we also need something aside from their PlayStations and iPads at home. Weladna offers us a board game tailored for Egypt: Baladna. Essentially a map of Egypt, the game makes players go around it, exploring different communities and answering questions about them. It’s a great way for your kids both to have fun and learn more about their culture. Baladna and Weladna’s other products are available on their website, or at select stores and bookshops across Cairo and Alexandria.