Kids Wardrobe: Winter Essentials on a Budget

Kids Wardrobe: Winter Essentials on a Budget

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As tempting as it is to spend half your paycheck buying the cutest little boots and adorable kids’ sweaters in every shop you pass by, but sometimes you have to stop yourself – especially when you live in a country where prices are increasing on a weekly basis.

Don’t let the word ‘budget’ fool you into thinking your kids will have to start looking like they’re dressed in the 80s. Here are some great finds to add to your kids’ winter closet:


You can find all these super cute and cozy jumpers, for your kids to cuddle up in, at Zara Kids for under 200LE

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Your winter closet cannot be complete without a pair of fury or sparkly boots to add a little shine to the winter gloom.

 H&M                                                                                                 Zara










LC WAKIKI  – around 250 EGP                                                     Zara














H&M                                                                                                  Zara











and these practical everyday coats can be found for around 350 EGP at LC WAKIKI

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For those long winter nights and crazy wind..

H&M                                                      H&M                                                  Zara



H&M                                                        H&M                                                 Zara




You can find both these super chic trousers at Zara Kids


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and these for around 200 EGP at LC WAKIKI

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