This piece was made in very “KOmplicated” circumstances… which fits perfectly with everything else we’ll talk about in this article. 

 When I asked Kamal to define what KOmplicated is, he said:

It’s mainly a platform created with the main objective of helping people to open up and speak with those they meet on their journeys, to realize that the challenges they meet – no matter how personal – are still universal among people from all over the world. 

There’s a whole story behind how Kamal, Founder and Owner of KOmplicated, came to figure out that this is what he actually wants to pursue in life.  

Just as many other people in Egypt and around the Arab World, Kamal went to a university he didn’t choose, where the only thing he was 100% certain of is that he didn’t want this future for himself. Once he graduated from college, Kamal continued with working uncomplainingly in a field he was not very fond of, a field where he saw no future for himself – even though it gave him opportunities many people could consider a “dream to achieve”. 

As cliché as it may sound, the outcome of feeling trapped and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel made Kamal take the decision to put his life on Pause and go live somewhere he could truly find himself. A place that is respectively raw, where people are still genuine and there’s plenty of contact with nature, serenity and calmness. 

Yes, you might have guessed right, Nuweiba was his destination! 

Kamal at School in Nuweiba
Kamal at School in Nuweiba


It all started in 2019 by the Red Sea in Nuweiba, where I was volunteering as a school teacher; teaching Bedouin kids in a communal school.

“Having had the chance to meet with other volunteers from all over the world, I always gave them one of my personal belongings as a souvenir to keep with them when they return to their urban lives. T-shirts were the most common gift and I always wrote on them whatever I felt represented our bond during our journey in Sinai.” – Kamal Shares. 

On a random day, Kamal received a call from Joe, one of the Volunteers he had met in Nuweiba. Joe was expressing how the t-shirt Kamal gave her changed her social life in Amsterdam, making her more expressive and open to deeply communicate with others as well as make new friends. It was then when the idea of KOmplicated first arose in Kamal’s mind, he pursued it and made it his main objective to make this brand grow and thrive. 

KOmplicated was launched on December 1st 2020 – sharing 13 different hoodie designs on Instagram. They all went out of stock within a month! 

The designs are simple with an edgy message, each inspired by a personal friendship yet relatable to all who could wear it. 


KOmplicated is a tool allowing people to share and feel like they’re not alone in their Daily Complications” – Kamal explains. 

We become more conscious of the underlying causes of our complications once we consciously share our stories. Actively sharing our journey helps us assessing ourselves better as we clearly see our situation in front of us – which makes us more curious to know more about the next step to take.

At the end, what isn’t KOmplicated?