WARNING: this will make you laugh harder than you expect!

We laughed until our abs couldn’t take it anymore watching Abla Fahita doing laughter yoga! So, naturally, we tried it here at our TDC office and we could not keep our cool.

Laughter yoga, or as it is professionally known ‘Hasyayoga,’ is based on the concept that voluntary or forced laughter provides the same psychological & physiological effect on the body as does impulsive laughter. Laughing has been known to change your mood and some people claim it helps their health and wellbeing, and yes even when it’s forced. Forcing yourself to laugh will eventually make you laugh, uncontrollably, believe us we’ve tried and now we can’t stop!

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine, this is EXACTLY what they were talking about

Laughter starts at minute 31:00, you’re welcome..