Education- the one word that so many people seem to have a miscontrued idea about. It goes beyond classes, textbooks and assignments. Education is a never-ending life experience that starts within the walls of your household and the gates of the school you enroll your child in. Education is a way of life and a choice we make every day. It is what shapes our ideologies and our very core.

Our homes are where we first begin to explore and understand life. Home is where your child first begins their educational journey and you, parents, are their very first teachers. After that, your little munchkin, starts wearing a tiny backpack along with their equally as tiny uniforms and heads off to their home away from home- their school. Here we begin to understand that education is formed through a loop of trust between the parents and the teachers; the household and the school. Each element complements the other.

We have come to understand the importance of this amazing partnership between the school and the home and decided to add to the  mix the community aspect. We have partnered up with Maadi British International School ( MBIS) to create content that would help parents learn more about how to give their child the absolute best when it comes to learning experiences. Through their proven excellence in what they do, we could think of  no one better to work with us on bringing important topics to light. We will be discussing everything you need to help you kickstart your child’s education and care for their well-being- all issues are on the table and ready to be openly discussed.

We would love for you to become a part of this conversation and so we are cordially inviting you to email us any suggestions for topics that you want to see discussed. Moreover, we will be adding a direct tab titled ‘Learn’ on our website which you can click to access all the designated articles of this partnership.