Left Bank is beautifully set by the Nile offering a relaxing and unique atmosphere no matter what time of day you head there. Not only that but they also have some health gems on the menu. If you can manage resist the bakery section, that is!

The Breakfast Option

An early morning breakfast date with good friends on the weekend in the empty streets of Cairo is bliss. We love their Veggie Omelette for a high protein fix, just ask for the standard hash browns that come with it to be replaced with an extra side of salad or some wholegrain bread instead. For morning gym goers, this would make the perfect post workout meal. It will nourish your body and keep you going all the way until lunchtime.

Don’t have much of an appetite at breakfast? You can keep things simple and light and choose their Yoghurt Parfait instead. The combination of yoghurt, oats, and fresh fruit make the perfect refreshing meal during the summer and will give you sustained energy. The probiotic, gut healthy ingredients in yoghurt make this meal particularly great if you have a sensitive stomach or any digestive problems.

The Brunch Option
A midday salad will give you the hydration and nutrients you need to keep you going throughout the rest of the day. Our favourite is the Beans Salad with an extra side of rucola or spinach, depending on what they have available. For an even lighter option ask for your dressing to be served on the side, that way you can use only a portion of it on your salad. You will still get the same great taste with only a fraction of the calories than if you add all the dressing at once. This salad defines goodness on a plate and is packed with greens, peppers, and other vegetables to give you all the folic acid and vitamin A you need for the day. Additionally, the combination of different beans (white, red, lentils, and chickpeas) in the salad makes it a great plant based protein-rich meal. Did we mention it is absolutely delicious, too?

The Dinner Option
Salmon can be hard to get right, but Left Bank’s chefs have mastered it. Their Grilled Salmon Fillet served with Sautéed Vegetables is the definition of a perfectly balanced meal. Salmon is packed with healthy omega-3 fats that are essential for a healthy heart and beautiful, glowing skin. If you are watching your weight and prefer a lower calorie option, just ask for the creamy mustard sauce on the side and use sparingly.

The Drinks Option
Left Bank’s relaxed atmosphere makes it one of the most popular work spots in town. They also have some of the best coffee, so you can sip, focus, and type away simultaneously. Enjoy the aromatic taste without any syrup additions for a healthier and more authentic drink. You can also add some cinnamon or ginger powder to your drink to give it more flavour, act as an antibacterial agent, and boost your metabolism – it’s all about these healthy little touches which add up to big results!

If you are not much of a coffee fiend, you can choose from their wide range of fresh juices instead. Our favourite is the Cantaloupe – this drink will provide you with all the vitamin A and vitamin C you need for the day. In other words, it’s a combination of good eyesight, boosted immunity, and better wound healing in a glass.

Remember, being healthy is not about depriving yourself and not attending social gatherings because you can’t resist temptation. As long as you make the right restaurant choices and dig deep enough you will be able to find something that works for you and suits your preferences and lifestyle. Left Bank is more than happy to adapt their meals to suit you, so always ask for adjustments to your meal and make use of their great customer service!

Left Bank
53 Abou El Feda Street, Zamalek
+202 273 500 14
For more information, visit Left Bank’s Facebook and Instagram pages.