After shedding some light on a few store-bought unhealthy granola bars, and breaking some healthy hearts – we decided to mend the granola cracks we caused and share with you some of our own local nutrition bars.

We searched the market for some local nutrition bars; here is our review of some of the brands that we found; Clean Bars, Imtenan & PROten.


A little fun fact about the name PROten, it’s broken down into two parts; ‘PRO’ which stands for Pure Raw Optimum ingredients and ‘ten’, which indicates the number of vitamins and minerals in each bar, based on the ingredients used.

PROten have already launched their energy bar line and are currently finishing up their package design for their latest products: oat bar and protein bar. Lucky for us, we got an exclusive taste of their new products!


PROTen energy bars come in five different flavors; fig & cinnamon, cocoa & coffee, almond butter, peanut butter and blueberry & coconut. Each flavour is different, but the main common ingredients for all are oats, dates, pure honey and whey protein concentrate. Both the Almond and peanut butter are half coated in dark chocolate.


The flavours are very prominent in all the energy bars and they have a consistent texture, but our hearts just melted when we tried the almond and peanut butter!

EXLUSIVE- the new protein bars have the fluffiest texture on the inside, made us feel like we were on cloud nine dreaming of protein heaven. And they contain 20g of protein per bar! The cinnamon protein bar is a definite TDC favourite! Their new oat bar is half coated with dark chocolate and had us feeling like you were back on the beach in sahel eating peanut freska. Keep your eyes out for their new products you will definitely not want to miss them.


Price: 20 EGP (Energy Bars)


Calories 170-200

Carbs 21g-24.5g

Protein 10g

Fat 4-8g

The ingredients are 100% clean, great macros and great taste! This is one bar you won’t regret ditching your processed granola bars for.

Clean Bars


Clean Bars are home-made healthy bars for maximum overall well-being and guiltless pleasure.


Each flavour is different but the main common ingredients for all are: oats, Rice Krispies cereal, nut butter, coconut and honey. The granola bars come in a variety of different flavors; chocolate, cranberry, peanut butter.

The Protein bars come in a variety of flavours; lemon, cinnamon, coconut & blueberry, mixed berries, chocolate & peanut butter and cinnamon


The Rice Krispies give the granola bars the crunchiest texture to compliment the rich flavors that they have. We fell in love with the texture and flavours of these bars-and they filled us right up. Our favourite was definitely the peanut butter granola bar – makes my mouth water just thinking of it! The protein bars are kept in the freezer until it’s time to devour them – when they’re left out for 5 minutes, they become oh so chewy!


Price: 20 EGP (Granola)– 25 EGP (Protein)

Macros: For granola bars

Calories 150-300

Carbs 20-35g

Protein 4-6g

Fat 7-18g

We love everything about these bars from the flavour to the texture – while we’re not crazy about the fact that they do include rice krispies cereal, Clean Bars are still a much better cleaner option than store-bough granola bars that are full of chemicals and preservatives.



The Imtenan protein bars come in 4 flavours; Peanuts, Cinnamon, Coconut & Cocoa. Each flavour is different but the main common ingredients for all are: calcium casienate, whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate supro, skimmed milk, chocolate coating, natural chocolate flavor, corn oil & Glucose Syrup


All four flavours have very strong taste, but their sweetness gives off that there is added sugar – which is very unfortunate because the rest of the ingredients listed would’ve made this a healthy bar.


Price: 12.5 EGP


Calories 280

Carbs 38g

Protein 20g

Fat 6g

Overall, we found all these bars to be much better than the regular store bought granola or protein bars. The main ingredients in them all are almost 100% natural, making them far less processed than your regular store-bought bar.

It’s always a good time to support our local businesses – especially when they offer you the better more natural option to supplement your healthy lifestyle.