Having chronic back pain is something so many of us suffer from. Whether it’s from sitting at our desks for too long or being stuck in traffic for hours on a daily basis, the causes of our discomfort are endless. Thankfully, Nada Mustafa, a certified yoga instructor, who started her practice two and a half years ago has the perfect yoga flow to ease that pain. In her own words: “Practicing yoga for a few minutes a day can help you gain more awareness of your body and can help you notice where exactly you’re holding tension.”

The Downward Dog:

















This traditional forward bend can be very restful and practicing this pose can help relieve back pain. It also helps to work out imbalances in the body and improve arm, shoulder and core strength.

How to do it:
– Straighten your arms, shoulders width apart and keep legs hip-width apart.
– Spread your fingers into the mat, press firmly with your hands.
– Bring your sitting bones up toward the ceiling.
– Distribute your weight evenly between both sides of your body.
– Hold this pose for 1 minute. 

The Dolphin Pose:

















This pose will help you develop strength and awareness of the muscles in your shoulders and your back.

How to do it:
-Similar to the downward facing dog, but this time put your elbows and forearms down to the floor.
– If it’s hard for you to keep your legs straight you can slightly bend your knees.
– Hold this pose up to 1 minute

The Sphinx Pose:

















This gentle back-bend strengthens your spine, as well as stretches your chest, shoulders, and abdomen. It also helps relieve stress.

How to do it:
– Lie on your stomach with your legs extended behind you.
– Bring your elbows under your shoulders with your forearms on the floor and your palms facing down.
– Slowly lift your upper torso and head, gazing forward.
– Stay in this pose up to 5 minutes.

The Cow and Cat Pose:




























One of the most important poses for back pain. It stretches and massages the spine, practicing this pose stretches your torso, shoulders, and neck.

How to do it:
– Place your wrists underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips.
– Inhale as you look up and let your stomach drop down towards the mat.
– Exhale as you tuck your chin into your chest and arch your spine toward the ceiling.
– Flow between cat and cow at least 10 times.

The Bridge Pose:

















This back-bend stretches the spine and relieves back pain. It may also help stress relieve.

How to do it:
– Lie on your back with your knees bent.
– Hold your hands together under your back straightening your arms.
– Press your feet and arms in to the floor as you lift your tailbone up.
– Hold this pose up to 1 minute.

The Two Knee Spinal Twist:


















This restorative twist improves movement and mobility in the spine and back. It stretches your spine, back, and shoulders. Practicing this pose can help relieve pain and stiffness in your back.

How to do it:
– Lie on your back with your knees drawn into your chest and your arms extended to the side.
– Bend your knees and slowly lower your legs to the side while keeping your knees as close together as possible.
– You can use your hand to gently press down on your knees
– Look to the opposite side
– Hold this pose at least 30 seconds on each side

Child’s Pose:



















This forward fold is a perfect way to relax and release tension in your neck and back. This pose keeps your spine lengthened and stretched.

How to do it:
– Sit back knees mat width apart. 
– Bend forward and walk your hands in front of you.
– Rest your forehead gently on the floor.
– Remain in this pose for up to 5 minutes.