Mahgoub Ceramic’s latest ad hits home with their realistic portrayal of a young couple getting married. From the parents’ demanding a two-floor house to a 2-Carat ring, everything about this ad depicts the reality that young couples face today.

The second part of the ad is what we’ve all been wanting to hear for quite a long time! There’s no need to go over the top decorating your house to please “Uncle Boody” and “Tant Gihane.” Your house is for two, so keep it simple, there’s no need for a two-floor apartment, expensive furniture, and extra empty rooms. At the end of the day, you are the only ones who are going to live in it, so make it as big or as small as you please. The most important thing is that it is to YOUR liking and within YOUR budget, not fulfilling someone else’s expectations.

As witty as the video is, it highlights a big issue in our society when it comes to marriage preparations; putting unrealistic expectations over what really matters and what’s practical. It also raises a very good question; “Why do we complicate things?”

Marriage is supposed to be a sacred bond between two, not a show of who has the most money to spend on a wedding or a house. Why does society make it complicated for young couples to get married, and why are we still holding onto societal expectations instead of focusing on what’s practical and what we can afford?


Watch The Video Below: