3 Natural Way To Make Your Sahel Home Mosquito-Free

Summer is the perfect time to be out in the fresh air, stay outdoors in the sun, and enjoy the warmth of the season. Unfortunately, there is one huge downfall to enjoying this season that has come to be known as man’s smallest enemy; mosquitos. Although small, a mosquito bite is enough to frustrate you and keep you indoors to avoid having your blood sucked over and over again.

Mosquito repellents have become a popular way to ward off the tiny monsters, but unfortunately, they are full of chemicals you should not be putting on your body as they can have potential health and environmental risks. Priced at around 80 EGP per bottle, there really is no reason you should be buying mosquito repellents from the supermarket when you could be making it at home. Instead, opt for these natural ways to keep the mosquitoes away and protect yourself from their bloodsucking.

Several herbs and essential oils have been known to help repel mosquitos. There are several ways in which you can use them to keep your home a mosquito-free zone


  1. Plant Herbs & Plants in Your Garden That Repel Mosquitos

There are several herbs that help control the number of mosquitoes in your home and garden, try to plant as many of them as you can. These herbs and plants are;








Lemon Grass


  1. Place Herbs & Plants In Pots All Over The House

To keep the rest of the house clear, place the herbs & plants mentioned above in pots and place them in different areas around the house.


  1.  Make A Natural Insect Repellent

Instead of using the overpriced, chemical filled insect repellants, take a couple of minutes to make your own natural repellant.

You will need:

– Empty spray bottle

– Rubbing alcohol

– Filtered water

– Essentials oils OR Herbs

  • Essential Oils: Mint (10 drops), Rosemary (5 drops), Eucalyptus (5 drops), Lemon (10 drops), Lavender (5 drops) and Clove (5 drops)
  • Herbs: Mint, Lemon Grass, Rosemary and Lavender.



For essential oils:

Fill ¾ of the spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, then add essential oils, and fill the rest of the bottle with water.
Shake before use.

For herbs:
Chop the herbs and place them in a glass jar. Fill the rest of the jar with rubbing alcohol and keep mixture for two weeks. Strain herbs and transfer liquid to the spray bottle.
Shake before use.

Recipes adapted from commonsensehome