Trends change- Our world is moving fast and we’ve gotten accustomed to only expecting what’s new, fresh and innovative. Even our furniture, no matter how modern it is, can look quite mundane after a while and we begin itching for a change of scenery. All those Pinterest posts keep inspiring us to make a change to our homes’ interior, but we all know that’s going to literally break our bank account in half.

Unlike 7 years ago ‘upgrading’ doesn’t mean replacing a local product with an international brand. We as consumers don’t care anymore where a brand originates from, as long as it provides quality, value, and taste that satisfy our desire, rather than simply fulfill our needs. Here’s where Naseej, an Egyptian textile manufacturer, comes in with their varied lines of aesthetic quality fabric collections for every mood and every occasion.

Literally the definition of a ‘life-saver,’ we’ve discovered that getting new fabric has satisfied our yearning for a quick and easy furniture transformation. We took a look at the entire SS18 collection and definitely got some neo-vintage feels from it. Wanting to understand more about what type of fabrics to opt for that would fit our style; we had a talk with Naseej Founder and Textile Expert, Mohamed Mardini to give us a better understanding of the world of fabrics and their latest SS18 collection of 50 new fabrics with a vintage French and a contemporary flair that come in an array of colors and patterns.


For the Nature Lover: If you always lounge around in your garden or by your pool, then you’ll definitely want to upgrade your outdoor seating area. Naseej recommends the water-repellent and Jacquard Linen fabrics that offer a long-lasting solution that would trump any environmental factors. The linens work well with sunny areas due to their 100% raw fabric that has no dyes or additives- their color will not fade in the sun. Moreover, the new monochrome water-repellent fabrics are great options to have by the pool. All we can say is sandstorms, we’re coming for you!


For the Classic Foodie: If you appreciate having your meticulously-prepared meals in your dining room, then Naseej has got you covered. For an on-the-go, no-fuss option, the water-repellent collection is a great fit, but if you’re more into fancier options then the genuine shiny linens and jacquard velvets won’t let you down.


For the Host of Cozy Family Gatherings: If you love to be the one putting together family get-together or you’re the Monica of your group friends, you would want to refurbish your living room. Mardini recommends the textured plains collection due to its diversity of colors and styles and simplistic yet elegant vibe.


For the Newly Married Couple: If you and your significant other have just embarked or are about to embark on your journey together, you would definitely want to take a look at the embroidered linens and jacquard silks comfy yet oh-so-stylish.


For the Practical Persona: If You want simple fabrics that do the job without being too distracting and crowded that they would mess with your Zen, and you want no-frills, no-fuss fabrics to revamp your bedroom, the linens, and textured plains will definitely be up your alley.

To wrap up, you know we love time-saving, money-saving and effort-saving solutions and so the idea of switching up our furniture’s fabrics rather than turn the entire house upside down. Naseej is definitely one of our favorite local finds this year for good reasons. Excuse us while we go do some serious fabrics shopping!

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