New York-based, Canadian Chaker Khazaal is more than an award-winning author, as his journey was pretty eventful right from the start.

He is an originally Palestinian who was born in Lebanon in 1978.

Growing up in Beirut, he took part in different local plays since a very young age, which led him to star in the Palestinian film Sugar of Jaffa.

Before embarking onto his novel-writing journey, Chaker has literally been anywhere and everyone one could possibly imagine; being a reporter, public speaker, and regular contributor to multiple major newspapers.

His strong, engaging savviness in communication has brought him to be a former guest in different events held by worldwide organizations, corporations, and governments such as the UN, Google, Facebook, and multiple national parliaments.


About Life Dice

This is Khazaal’s 5th and most recent novel.

To put this novel together, Chaker traveled to Iraq in order to get the chance to interview Yazidis, Kurdish Fighters, and Internally Displaced.

What makes this novel most distinguishable is Chaker’s partnership with the serial entrepreneur in mobile and technology Ayman Zakaria Jomaa, and developed an interactive app to allow readers to live a more whole experience through watching clips containing details written words fail to bring alive.

Life Dice is expected to be published in September 2020.