We love to see a high quality Egyptian designer creating authentic handbags that reflect our culture and society in an artistic light. Even more, we enjoying seeing this type of culture based creativity forging a name and a brand that can be recognized on sight due to its unique look and popularity.

Sami Amin has always had an eye for handcrafting and drawing. During his undergraduate years, he started off small by selling his handmade accessories to friends and family. Eventually, his one-man business grew and he was able to create his own uniquely identifiable brand of leather goods and accessories. Rather than taking courses, Amin worked on himself and learned the trade by vision, observations, researching and then learning from his own mistakes as he went along.

We were happy to know that Amin is completely saturated in our culture and in love with our rich Pharaonic heritage, which generally is what sets him apart. “Reflecting the Egyptian spirit is the most important thing in my work, and it is what identifies me from other brands,” he shared, “My philosophy is to go back to our roots, revive our culture and showcase its beauty in each and every piece”. Some could say Amin’s appreciation and revival of traditional Egyptian designs has opened the door for other designers to embrace a purely Egyptian aesthetic for their own creations, as well as buyers who enjoy a one of a kind, authentic style.

Though these historical influences lead to being a main source of inspiration when Amin is considering new designs and lines, it’s not the only element he uses. Breaking down the details, he told us “The inspiration for a new theme can arise from a thought, an exulted moment or any surrounding Egyptian detail that captures my soul. I believe that utilizing Egyptian culture elements in all my designs is the real catalyst for the brand’s success.” For example, one of Amin’s recent collections was aimed at spreading positivity in order to combat the negative air that is often around us. Words like happiness, joy, peace, blessings and so on in Arabic dominated his jewelery designs. His newest “Sky Collection” is inspired by the Pharaonic sky goddess Nut and the sun’s journey inside her body. Clearly, Amin isn’t just a history lover, but a story teller putting meticulous amounts of thought, love, and care into each collection.

That attention to detail is also reflected in the genuine leather, brass, various woods, and cottons are the predominant materials used by Sami Amin in constructing bags, wallets, jewelry and ornamental housewares. There is a large focus on handmade materials and all materials used are completely real and genuine, to further reflect the philosophy of the brand.

Understanding all the thought, care and effort that goes into these products, we had to ask Sami Amin about his future plans for expansion of an already successful brand. He told us, “I dream to go international and see westerners wearing accessories that reflect our rich culture and heritage. Our culture is beautiful and the stories behind every collection are very interesting for foreigners so I am planning to start being physically present in other markets very soon.”

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