The Master Franchisee of Kcal Healthy Fast Food Egypt inspires us with her master plan for eating and living well.

The Daily Crisp: What does healthy mean to you?
Laila Halawa: Healthy is a lifestyle – a way of life – not a diet. I really believe that what you eat determines the quality of your life, your mood and how you generally feel.

rsz_img_9038TDC: Is that what inspired you to open Kcal in Egypt?
LH: Most definitely. We needed a place in Egypt that offers fresh, nutritious and delicious fast food that helps people lead a healthier lifestyle.

TDC: How has Egypt responded to Kcal?
LH: People have been very excited to finally be able to order quality fast food that is actually good for them while also being very tasty and affordable.

TDC: What’s your favorite Kcal meal to eat?
LH: The Power Chicken Bowl with a side of Sweet Potato, followed by a Kcal Brownie!

TDC: Is that what you would recommend someone to try their first time at Kcal?
LH: Yes and I would also recommend our Healthy Chicken Shawerma or Kcal Beef Burger followed by our infamous Sweet Banana Sushi!

TDC: What’s the best health advice you’ve ever received?
LH: Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive. That’s also our mission at Kcal – outstanding service paired with health, tasty food.

TDC: What is your health/wellness mantra?
LH: Eat well, Be well

TDC: How do you keep fit?
LH: Most of the time, I work out at the gym. Recently though I’m really enjoying Pilates. It’s great to exercise and relax at the same time!

TDC: What song gets you going at the gym?
LH: Eye of the Tiger.

TDC: What are your healthiest travel habits?
LH: Try to opt for grilled foods and salads rather than over indulging in fried foods and sugar.

TDC: Is there a food you do indulge in?
LH: I really enjoy dark chocolate.

TDC: When do you feel your absolute best?
LH: Definitely when I eat well and exercise.

TDC: Any last words?
LH: Everything can be done in moderation.

Kcal Healthy Fast Food Egypt has locations at 37 Syria Street in Mohandeseen and Mall 106, 5th Settlement and a store in American Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Road.

For more information visit Kcal Health Fast Food Egypt’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages, or call 19718 for all orders.