Mompreneurs Middle East is a business to business platform that caters to female entrepreneurs in the Middle East to promote and grow their business. Through entrepreneurial education and mompreneurship, they believe in women’s empowerment in the region just like us. Simply because you now change diapers, doesn’t mean you have to let go of your dream of becoming a successful businesswoman and abandon the changes you want to make for yourself.

Mompreneurs organize different types of events to help support working women and small businesses. For example:

Mompreneur Rising is a 2 month course that helps women to scale their business and take it to the next level. You can find the course curriculum and details here. Their current course started on May 9th.

Global Mentoring Walk was held on March 5th. matched Seventy mentors and mentees were matched together to discuss leadership and entrepreneurship challenges and opportunities in the region. You can watch the video of the event.

Mompreneur Meet-up is a monthly networking event with a keynote speaker who covers various topics such as digital marketing, funding, leadership and much more.

Full Day Workshops are events where Mompreneur businesses partner up with other organizations to offer a full day workshop on different topics. The next one is a Mind Mapping workshop scheduled for May 25th.

Currently, Mompreneurs is only operating throughout the UAE, however, they have planned to expand to other countries and to Egypt within the next three years.

We asked Mona from Mompreneurs about the main challenges for moms in the work field. The most frequent issues she saw were:

  • Finding balance between their personal and professional lives
  • Planning and strategy. Thinking long-term and managing their day to day activities at the same time
  • Access to funds
  • Access to mentors

As an organization, they focus on five main pillars to support mompreneurs’ businesses and life and help overcome the challenges mentioned above:

  • Education
  • Mentorship
  • Access to funds
  • Sharing resources
  • Individual mompreneur’s wellbeing and happiness. They are the center of their family and business and are helped to focus on activities to improve their energy level in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas.

Since we were so inspired from out talk with Mona, we were very eager to know what drives her. She put it very clearly by telling us, “Every single testimonial that we receive from people is a success story to me. Empowering women through education is my life and business mission and I get empowered when I know that we made a difference in other people’s life. My long-term vision is world-peace through women’s empowerment. I shared my personal story in my TEDxUOWD last November. I climbed mount Kilimanjaro in 2014 and the banner that I took with me was “World Peace Through Women’s Empowerment” and I managed to raise fund to support girls’ education in Afghanistan through Womanity”.

There are of course many success stories that Mompreneurs helped women to achieve. Here are some we received from the participants of the Mompreneur Rising Course who finished the course on March 12:

“I wasn’t 100% sure whether this course was for me. But I’ve found that it has been invaluable. It has touched many subjects that I needed to brush up on and further my knowledge. My favorite element of the course is the large network of other people in business. From people on the course to all the coaches and mentors. It is great to connect with like minded people and have a support network. A great experience all round!”- De’Angeline Ettie-Bello, Panache 9

“The course has been an inspiring journey of sorts. Each week pushed me to learn, develop and transform my business idea into a reality. Mona is a superwoman and is on top of all our needs and requirements in the simplest and most compassionate way possible.”– Pooja Rami, Weekend Buddy (new app to be launched in Winter 2016)

“This course demystifies ‘entrepreneurship’ which often creates a psychological hurdle for women to develop and implement their creative business models. The steps which are necessary to develop the own company become much more transparent so that women are empowered to contribute to the prosperity of Dubai’s economy. This program has a light house character for which Dubai can be proud of.” – Annete Brueck, Eat Smarter Startup

We hope after reading this piece you are just as inspired as us to chase your dreams, and break any boundaries that you think are stopping you. We certainly can’t wait for Mompreneurs to come to Egypt! Check them out on their website or Facebook page.