What if your life coach told you to go dancing? If you’re not so outgoing or ‘skilled’ you might hesitate. So what if your life coach told you to go belly dancing? Would you burst out laughing or be there in a heartbeat?

It might sound incredibly odd and not like the most rational advice available, but sometimes life puts us in situations we never imagined we’d be in or has made us so miserable there really doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, and requires us to look for out of the ordinary solutions to our problems.

The method behind life coach Nermine Noeman’s practice only takes a little listening to understand. Take a journey through the subconscious with us as we explore how to take back control of your life and the importance of synchronizing body and mind. (The best part? Free life coaching!)

After attending, and being blown away by, Nermine’s class at Slimnastics in 6th of October, we had to find out exactly how she got to where she is and what other seemingly unorthodox advice she had for us.

Nermine is a Cambridge certified and practicing life coach for 12 years now, teaching belly dancing for 6 years, and is also a published author. What sets her apart in the expanding worlds of psychology, therapy and life coaching in Egypt is her willingness to incorporate the body into her solutions for clients. As someone who’s been dancing since she was 3 and is a lifelong fan of Sherihan (completely relatable), Nermine sticks to the idea of the mind-body connection, or synchronization, for her life coaching clients. Not only does she encourage clients to explore this undeniable and empowering connection, but she uses her life coaching techniques in her belly dancing classes. “I use the belly dancing to give small lines and coaching between the lines. People find that they’re not just dancing, they’re neutralizing their mind, body, mood and energy. It’s an energy booster”, she explained.

“A good life coach doesn’t solve problems, they create solutions”, she told us with confidence over coffee before one of her weekly belly dancing classes. This also means that synchronization isn’t just to boost your mood and elevate your serotonin levels, it’s all related to the idea behind life coaching of seeing the bigger picture and solving your issues from there. “We actually work in a very psychologically important area called the body image. Some people hate the way they look and this will never allow their body to change because actually everything happens in the subconscious mind and if you have the allowance and you have the agreement and you have this good, friendly connection with your own self and your own mind it will open unlimited powers and do exactly all you never thought you’d be able to do.” Whoa, where’s the sign-up sheet?!

Not only does she profess the importance of synchronization to create a positive body image, but Nermine adds the other necessary layer of positive living by creating self-love. “Because if you really want to change something in your body you’re not comfortable with, you have to love your body first, then it will change…This is why some people do sports and a healthy diet and nothing actually changes, because there is no self-allowance.”

You may be thinking these claims seem a bit far-fetched, but Nermine believes in her practice so much she even offers a lifetime guarantee follow up for her clients. Meaning, even if you only have one session with her you then have your entire life to follow up about the issues discussed in your time together. She has helped individuals overcome chronic illness, quit addictive habits like smoking or drinking, accomplish dramatic and successful career shifts, and weight loss. She even helped her own mother internationally publish her first book.

Nermine is well versed in this from her own life experience. After years of studies and pursuing a profession she was not in any way passionate about, she decided to do something about it and make a change. That simple act of listening to her inner voice, embracing it and acting upon it changed the course of her life (and many happy clients) for more than a decade now.

She explains that no matter the client or their issue that is brought to her office “A professional life coach is never judgmental…Or else I won’t be able to support you or create alternatives and solutions for you.” Nermine insists on this because she finds “Any tiny thing bothering you in your life, I consider it something big because it is all relative. Someone can have a dramatic disease and live so happily in life, and someone who has nothing [wrong] but is still miserable”, means every situation still needs solutions.

After finishing up our chat, we headed upstairs to Slimnastics with Nermine to attend class (no, definitely not for the first or last time), and witnessed her put it all together. A new student doubted her ability to do that ra3sha shake we all know and usually sit and stare at in awe. Instead of letting her stay unmoving and defeated, Nermine took the time to stop the music, talk her through it and allow her to put herself into the full body shake motion. Her techniques took an “I can’t” moment to “look what I can do” for this woman, immediately before our eyes.

If you’d like to know more about Nermine’s life coaching and tap into her mind-body-soul problem solving wisdom, check out her book “Al Kitab El Eswad”, or you can connect with her on Facebook, or by email. Enjoy the good vibes of the Slimnastics studio in Galleria 40 for any class, but be sure to catch one of Nermine’s, every Sunday and Tuesday at 8pm!