Sherine is originally a business consultant, currently with more than 20 years’ experience in business development advisory, with a bachelor’s in business administration from AUC as well as a master’s in Entrepreneurship. She has held several senior positions in strategy, communications and international relations, as Adviser to Minister of Investment, Senior Adviser to NL Embassy and ILO Consultant.

She has been a speaker at local and international conferences, TV and Radio on topics of entrepreneurship, overcoming challenges and ‘beauty of life’. She is also a board member of two corporates and a community development NGO in Egypt.  

Being a lover of the arts since her early years, Sherine is a painter and photographer who likes to reflect on the beauty of nature and joy in life as well as in her artwork. She had a solo exhibition and participated in several group shows over the years; this is how she found Art Routes for Art Exhibitions and Beauty of Life, which is a holistic wellbeing platform. 

ART ROUTES was launched in May 2021 by Sherine Abdelbaki with the curation of her first group event “Connections” at Consoleya which was about bringing back positivity, balance and connections that were affected during the pandemic lockdown.  

Her most recent event, due to open November 18 – 21 is all about “Dreams” and how they can be a “Landscape” to brighter, happier days, or a calm resort; hence the name “Uptown Dreamscapes”  at Emaar Misr Uptown Cairo.  

The event will also introduce a special feature at opening night, a new way to experience art that will awaken the senses and allow you to explore emotions and beautiful brushstrokes.