Healthy means happy, taking care of you and fueling your body and mind with positive inputs,” says Sara-K Nour, 26, mom and owner of Sara’s Organic Food – the main brand name selling the organically grown and safe produce coming out of Desert Lake Farms. By 7 A.M., Sara is up with her daughter, preparing their cold-pressed juices for the day ahead (“I drink around a liter of liquids after I get up – water, water with lemon juice and green tea”). She then makes her breakfast – usually some seasonal fruit, eggs from her farm and an avocado – to fuel her for the rest of her day.

Lunch for Sara sounds something like this: farm veggies with quality sea salt and olive oil, fresh herbs, and a squeeze of lemon juice. “Pop those in the oven until crisp, juicy and plain delicious,” she says. For dinner, it’s veggies galore for the vegetarian: “Tomato basil and onion salad, quinoa and crispy oven potatoes with a babaganoush dip. I love to get inspired with what’s currently in season – cooking is a fun creative process.” She’s also currently obsessing over pesto (“My latest discovery is vervaine pesto!”) and moringa, coriander, and parsley all from her farm.

While you may not be able to grow your own food like Sara can, you can certainly eat your food the way Sara does. Knowing someone that grows their own food is the next best thing to eating your own homegrown food. And now you know Sara. Sara’s Organic Farm offers a weekly basket – a farm to your table basket filled with all natural and in-season produce. The standard sized basket (woven by workers in Monufia) can include belady eggs, okra, onion, green peppers, eggplant, molokheya, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, lime, potato, fresh fruit and lemon grass among a few other very fresh things depending on the season. “It doesn’t get any fresher than that,” Sara promises.


Here, the super mom shares more ways she maintains a well balanced life.

Eat Clean
“Knowing where your ingredients come from helps you in many ways – choose clean foods, nutritionally dense ingredients, and animal products from animals that have had a happy life. Happy means healthy for you. Savor food – take pleasure in eating and sourcing good food.”

Eat Local
Not all vegetables and fruits are equal – how they were grown, transported, processed, stored and how long ago produce was picked all affects how healthy it is. The rule is, in season, local and organic produce is the best.”

 Drink Your Juice
“Get a juicer or cold presser if you can – you can’t eat all the vegetables that you should be eating. So juicing/cold pressing once a day will help your body absorb more nutrients. It’s also a great way to use up vegetables and fruits that are overdue. Only drink fresh juice because the vital enzymes and nutrients deteriorate so quickly.”

 Keep Active
My thing right now is to incorporate exercise into my day – being busy keeps us fit. I love planks – you can do them anywhere. A brief yoga sequence before bedtime does wonders too.”

Do What You Love
“I have a passion for what I do. We learn every day and it’s lovely to be able to do something worthwhile that we believe in.”

 Family Time
An active day playing some sort of sport, spent with my family out in nature, sharing good fresh food at the farm where we harvest the first batch of the new seasons’ fruit or vegetable is like Christmas!”

 Rules For Life
Trust your instincts and be kind.”

Beauty Secrets
“Clean vegetables and fruit, high quality oils like coconut, olive oil and black seed oil, sleep, plenty of liquids and Omega 3 and 6 supplements”

Guilty Pleasure
“A lazy evening eating homemade popcorn and watching a good movie.”

Greatest Indulgence
“My mom’s homemade and homegrown fruit pies with a big spoon of Crème fraîche on top always hits the spot.”

Greatest Inspiration

“Nature and my husband.”


For more information on Desert Lake Farms visit their website, Facebook and Instagram pages.