Do you call men selfish?
And what about women? Do you call them drama queens?

If that’s how you think, then this one’s for you. This is what you need to know even if you think that you don’t.

Why does it have to be like this? It’s not war. It’s not about picking on each other and generalizing character traits based on gender. Why does it sometimes feel as if we’re competing with each other? Do you feel it too?

Sometimes we forget that we’re so different, we see everything with a different lense, and guess what, even the way our brains function, is different! And guess what? It’s actually beautiful. Different is beautiful.

So here’s a list with some scientific facts that will blow your mind;

1- Men have thicker retinas and larger M cells than women, while women have more P cells. The M cells are responsible for tracking the movement of objects, while the P cells are responsible for identifying objects, as well as analyzing textures and colors. What does that mean? It simply means that women are born to identify and analyze while men focus on tracking the movement. Different images are translated to our brains, which elaborates a lot.

No wonder why most women can totally see the different shades of every color while most men don’t. Right?

2- Brain differences start with the formation of brain cells, before birth. It starts as early as the 26th week of pregnancy. So yes, it all started before we’re even born.

3- Most women stress more than men, that’s true. You know why? It occurs because of hormone contrasts and environmental circumstances. However, stressing gives women an advantage when it comes to predicting and dealing with issues. Which can actually be beneficial to men.

4- During teenage years, girls experience a brain activity that is linked with negative emotion which moves from the primal area of the brain into the cerebral cortex where language and reasoning centers are located. This is why most women are better at expressing emotions.

5- Men have physically larger brains than women, size does not indicate the level of intelligence. Which means that both men and women have the same intelligence level.

So yes, we’re definitely different. So let’s use these differences for our own good instead of competing and complaining about them. Let’s start to embrace and accept each other as we are, instead of rejecting and eventually backfiring on us.

What do you think?