Whether you are looking to lose overall weight or you have a more specific, shredded goal of decreasing your body fat percentage, you have probably heard about some form of fat burning supplement as your answer. Today we discuss all the pros and cons and talk about how safe they really are.

First things first, it is important to understand that there are many different types of fat burning supplements available on the market, each with their own unique effect on the body.

Thermogenic Fat Burners
The most widely available kind of fat burners are thermogenic fat burners, used primarily to increase the metabolic rate of the body. The most common thermogenic agent used is caffeine, but they can also include yohimbine or EGCG, found in green tea extract.

Carbohydrate and Fat Blockers
As the name would suggest, these supplements will prevent the digestion and absorption of the fats and carbohydrates you take in through your diet. White kidney bean extract and chitosan are two agents that work well to block carbohydrate and fat absorption in the gut, respectively.

Thyroid Regulating Fat Burners
Your thyroid is the gland largely responsible for adjusting your body’s metabolic rate and fat burning capabilities. Fat burning supplements of this nature work to increase the rate of the chemicals that your thyroid normally produces, thus allowing your thyroid to work faster and ultimately increasing your metabolic rate. Forskolin is the main ingredient used to achieve this result.

If you do decide to take any of these supplements it’s important to be aware of all the side effects involved.

Side Effects

  • The main side effect associated with all of the above fat burners is a sudden increase in heart rate and excess concentration. Depending on your body, these can be mild, unnoticeable increases or extremely painful heartache.
  • Most people who take fat burners will notice some disturbance in their sleeping patterns, especially if the fat burner contains excessive amounts of caffeine. Unfortunately, if your body is not recovering enough and sleeping well you are unlikely to benefit from the effects of the fat burner, which makes taking them counterproductive.
  • Like any chemical you introduce to your body, you are likely to see results at first and eventually your body will adapt and stop reacting as effectively. At this point, you may be inclined to increase your dosage, however, this can be extremely dangerous as it will stress out all of your body’s organs.

So the die-hard question is ‘Will taking any or all of the above fat burners melt the excess fat off your body?’ Not exactly. Remember, that all of the above are supplements cannot replace a solid, well planned diet and exercise routine. The most they can do is boost the effects of said diet and exercise plans.