Given that pilates was originally founded by a man, Joseph Pilates, it is surprising that it has somewhat been marketed as a women’s only sport. There’s no reason why these mat workouts should be for women only, and we are giving you some great reasons why you should start doing pilates today.

Develop your Core
The core is the central part of your body, and a strong core is a vital foundation for all your body’s movements. Pilates is one of the most effective ways of focusing on core strength and improving stability. This will improve your performance in all other sports, and also make you more ready to brace day-to-day activities.

Focus on Neglected Muscles
The muscles that dominate our daily activities are naturally stronger. Pilates helps develop other muscles that are often neglected in most other forms of exercises, such as muscles in the feet and ankles. Muscular imbalance is a primary cause of injury and back pain, which is why Pilates works on creating an evenly conditioned body.

Enhanced Breathing
Pilates uses several breathing patterns which can enhance physical performance but. also have other profound benefits on your mind and body. The benefits range from enhanced relaxation and decreased stress to lowered blood pressure, improved focus, activation of specific muscles, better circulation and respiration, and even lowered risk for cardiovascular disease. The way you breath is more important than we once thought!

Increased Flexibility
You might be afraid to try pilates out because you are just not that flexible, but actually it’s the other way around. As Joseph Pilates says, “true flexibility can only be achieved when all muscles are uniformally developed’, which is exactly what Pilates exercises aim to do. Our body is a system of levers and pulleys.  For one part to lift, another part has to lower.  If one muscle contracts, the opposing muscle has to lengthen and release. This work-release system is enhanced through pilates, which is what helps develop real flexibility.

Pilates is a great choice as your main source of workouts, but it’s also great to incorporate in between other fitness regimes to enhance your performance in any other form of exercise. It holds plenty of benefits for those of you who rise up to the challenge. Although it is gentle on our muscles, it is uniquely challenging and requires focus. Whether you are a weightlifter or training for your first marathon, a pilates class can help you fine-tune your performance.