Mercury is back in retrograde for the first time in 2018 as of March 23rd. If you’re slightly active on social media, you’ve probably heard the many jokes about mercury controlling communication during this period (we never really understood what that meant too) It’s 2018, and we’re on the brim of the first Mercury Retrograde this year, so we’ve decided (for you and for us) to bring you a guide of what Mercury Retrograde is and how it affects us.

What Does It Mean When We Say “Mercury Is In Retrograde”?

Around three times a year, the planet Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. During this time, Mercury slows down and it appears to us as if Mercury is in retrograde – meaning it looks like it stops and starts spinning backward.


How Does This Affect You?

According to astrology, Mercury is the ruler of communication, travel, and technology. So during this period, which lasts around three weeks all aspects of travel, communication and technology will be erratic.

Mercury retrograde is also associated with what is known as a “shadow period” which means you may feel its effects for a  couple of weeks before and a couple of weeks after the retrograde period.


What Should I Do When Mercury Is In Retrograde?

To avoid falling into haywire during this period, there are a few do’s and don’t for when Mercury is in retrograde.

First, don’t start anything new, take this period to review, renew and rethink. Consider. This a period of checking in and re-energizing yourself. Take the time to focus and assess your decisions. Since mercury affects travel, be sure to always plan ahead and give yourself extra time in your travels. With or without mercury retrograde technology is always prone to fail us. Make sure all your devices are backed up in case mercury decides to play any tricks on you during this period!