We’ve teamed up with creative writer Farida ElZawahry to bring you – all writers out there – the first steps to writing the first pages of your own book!

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In the first episode we discussed:

The Definition of Creative Writing

Creative writing has no precise definition but it’s the form of writing that goes outside the academic or journalistic writing bounds. It’s the « art » of writing and the written word such as poetry, novels, short stories, flash fiction..etc

It’s usually taught in the form of a workshop since no two people agree on the right method of teaching it, yet peer interaction and critique are key to succeeding in it.

Farida ElZawahry’s First Book Inspiration and Publication

Farida came to publish her first book after years of writing for herself, then for people in her inner circle, who greatly encouraged her to take the leap and start writing for real. She came to know her publisher and fellow writer Amani El Tunsi who made her experience effortless and even more enjoyable. 

They’re publishing their next work together very soon!

Farida’s Fist Book

What’s the First Step a Writer Takes to Create a Book

A writer should start with “the intention” to write. 

They should find a comfortable and motivating routine, one that ignites their writing passion further. They should know the right writing tips before commencing their work to have their thoughts in order. They should also attend a couple of creative writing workshops to work their writing muscle and get inspired by other attendees’ work. 

Here Are Some Steps to Take to Start Writing

1)Write, Write, Write!! 

Just put on paper anything that comes to mind, without overthinking it or judging it.


2) Set up the Right Environment.

This is one of the most important steps, as the environment around us is what will spike the creative flame within us and push us to think outside the box and write.

Work on:

  1. Choosing your spot
  2. Cleansing your writing spot
  3. Adding some plants or any items of preference


3) Set up Prompts to Stimulate Your Thoughts

Yes our minds need stimulation to work in a creative manner, some of the prompts we spoke about are:

  1. Visual prompts – looking at something beautiful
  2. Auditory prompts – listening to some non-lyrical music 


4) Do Not Seek Perfection

The perfection of life stands in how imperfect it is! 

So just be humble and accept what comes out of you, always keep room for improvement and growth.


5) Stir up Your Own Emotions

Sensing an emotion requires us to recall situations in our lives that made us feel the emotion we’re writing about. 

When expressing sadness through writing, we have to recall an unfortunate event to be able to express it in words and convey the feeling to the reader. The same is applied to expressing joy, fear, or love!


6) Characterization 

Describing the personas and characteristics of each character in the book is key to creating a full image in the reader’s mind – the clearer the details the fuller the picture is!


7) Farida‘s View on Word Choice

Concise yet powerful is Farida’s approach to word choice.

She always advises choosing simple, full of meaning words to convey the emotion and meaning more swiftly and deeply.


Good Luck on following the steps and accomplishing the desired outcome, be ready for the next steps required to complete the challenge.