They say once an early riser always an early riser and vice versa, but we think not. We have a few routine ideas that you can get into the habit of to get you more excited about that 7am alarm clock. The first 10 minutes of you getting up might be a struggle, we won’t lie, but we’re here to tell you that it’s worth it. Even though we love to sleep in as much as you, we’re willing to reserve the sleep in sessions for the weekend only in order to enjoy a weekday full of energy, productivity, and an overall better mood. And if you never try you never know, right?

Have a Glass of Water
Did you know that dehydration is actually one of the most common causes why we all feel tired throughout the day? Having a glass of water on your bedside table and drinking it as soon as you wake up will serve as a physical cue for all your organs to wake up and get going. If you do this, it will also be hard to stay in bed for much longer as you will be needing the toilet. Win, win situation!

To-Do List
Your brain will be more prepared to wake up if you write a list the night before of whatever you need to do the next day. That way, you subconsciously prepare yourself for the day to come, you know exactly why you need to get up and what you need to do as soon as you get out of bed. So, however mundane your chores may be, make sure you jot them all down in your notebook or on your phone and tick them off as you get through your day.

Prepare a Whopping Breakfast
Much like planning your to-do list, it’s important to plan out or at least think about what you will be having for breakfast the next morning. If you only have an old bottle of milk and 2 pieces of toast in your fridge you are naturally not going to be looking forward to breakfast when you wake up. Overnight oats or chia pudding are great breakfast ideas that require zero morning preparation and taste delicious. A good breakfast will not only make you look forward to getting out of bed, but will also give you a bout of much needed energy to face the day.

Get Ready as Soon As You Wake Up
If you don’t need to leave the house as soon as you wake up, it can be tempting to chill out in your pajamas for a couple of hours after you wake up. However, you need to change into your normal clothes (or yoga pants if you need something particularly comfy), do your skincare routine, and whatever other trimmings that make you feel like a normal functioning human being. Even if you will be spending the day at home, don’t fall into the trap of pajamas until 4pm.

Take It Slow
If you normally get up at 9am, set your alarm tomorrow for 8:45. Just 15-30 minutes earlier every 2-3 days is enough to make a real change without totally shocking your body into waking up at a time completely foreign to it. This way, you will be setting yourself a simple challenge that is easy to maintain and you also won’t feel like a zombie the next day! 

They say if you do the same thing for 15 days straight it becomes a habit. So, set yourself up with the challenge of getting up just a little bit earlier for the next two weeks and see for yourself how it will positively impact your life. Trust us, you will feel like a boss when you have mostly completed your to-do list by 12pm.