We love it when someone takes the path less taken and starts doing things their own way; It inspires us all to just take a step back and start thinking outside the box. That’s exactly what Mountain View Ras ElHikma inspired in us when they utilized the influencer marketing strategy in a way that hasn’t be attempted before.

Influencer marketing is still quite elusive to brands who haven’t really found the best way for them to get tangible results through this still relatively new marketing strategy. That’s why we were even more impressed when Moutain View Ras ElHikma not only used “Influencer Marketing” in the best way possible, but it achieved impressive resulted tackling a platform that has not yet been exploited to its full potential, Facebook Stories.

Influencers found the new “Greek” filter launched by Mountain View Ras El Hikma and they had so much fun trying it out that they challenged their friends to do the same. This not only activated the launch of the new filter but it circulated so wide that people started using it while on the beach, in cafes with friends and family, even at home. The best part is that all of this took place during Eid vacation! In a time when people usually spend less time on their phones, Mountain View Ras ElHikma has successfully engaged its audience in a great game of tag that gives people a glimpse of what it’s like living in their beautiful compound.

They chose the greek theme as it represents how royal yet exotic living in Mountain View Ras ElHikma makes you feel, with its well-designed architecture, it’s abundance of natural greenery and it’s beautiful intricate houses. Now, if you want to see how it somewhat feels like living in Mountain View give the Greek filter a try on your Facebook app.


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