Beauty gadgets, makeup and skincare products are generally pretty pricey. For a woman to constantly maintain her glamour, it can definitely demand its own budget. I encounter this problem too, as a makeup artist applying makeup to many women per week. I run out of supplies very quickly and most of the products I use are not sold where I live. These constraints have taught me to multi-task my makeup in a smart and economical way without compromising the quality of my work.

Being an economical woman does not necessarily mean compromising on your look. Multi-tasking your makeup is the mere act of smartly using the same product for different purposes and yielding the same results. Not only will this habit help you save on cash, but it will also make you look your best with the least resources available if traveling or on the go.

Pro-Tips of Makeup Multi-Tasking:

  • Eyeshadow as Blush/Blush as Eyeshadow

If you have a soft, sparkly pink eyeshadow, why not use it as a blush too? Applying soft pinks on fair complexions enhances a healthy and fresh glow. If you have a golden peachy blush, wouldn’t this make the prettiest eyeshadow ever? With your finger or your eyeshadow brush, dab some on your eyelids for an instant eye-opener effect.

  • Highlighter as Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow as Highlighter

If you have a shimmery highlighter, you can definitely use it on your eyelids and brow bone to brighten your eyes. Or, we all have that soft vanilla off- white eyeshadow color somewhere in our possession. With a fluffy brush, use this color to highlight the center of your face for a glowing effect.

  • Cream Blushes as Lipstick/Lispstick as Cream Blushes

If you have pink or red cream blushes, why not use it as a lipstick too? Cream blushes have the same texture/consistency as lipsticks; so go ahead and give your cheeks a quick flush.

Have you ever seen your mum or granny dot the apple of the cheeks with lipstick? Though this was a very popular method back in the 70’s and 80’s, it obviously still works today too!

  • Brown Eyeshadows as Eyebrow Fillers or Contour

If you have a matte brown eyeshadow that you use for smokey eyes, you can definitely use it to fill in your eyebrows with a thin slanted brush, or even use it to contour your nose and cheek bones with a contour brush.

  • Black Eyeshadow as Eyeliner:

Get your darkest and deepest black eyeshadow and draw your winged liner on the upper lash line with a thin angled brush. This gives the same exact effect as liquid eyeliner, if not better!

  • Concealer as Lip Primer:

Why invest in a lip primer when a concealer can do the trick for you?  Before applying your lipstick, just lightly dab your lips with a drop of concealer to make your lipstick very long-lasting.

  • Foundation as Concealer:

If you are one of the lucky girls who don’t suffer from dark circles under your eyes, use your foundation instead. There is no need to buy a concealer at all!

  • BB Cream as All-in-1:

Why buy a moisturizer, foundation and SPF when you can so easily buy a bottle of BB Cream? BB creams are tinted moisturizers that have SPF as well. It is a product that was literally made to cut your beauty routine in half, in terms of money and time.

  • Lip and Cheek Stains:

Lip and cheek stains are basically a pink or reddish liquid that you apply on your lips and cheeks for a quick, natural flush of color. It gives a very natural look and is perfect for girls who generally take a lighter option with face makeup.