You feel the gains. You know they’re there. But it appears as if they’re hiding. The truth is, muscle definition can start to show at about four to eight weeks. When women get to about 20-22% body fat they can start to see some muscle definition in their arms. As body fat drops to about 14-15% women may start to see their abs showing. A lot of this depends on where fat is stored, especially for women. Since men have larger testosterone and growth hormone levels, they can build muscle and definition faster than women. This doesn’t mean that men are better. It means that men and women are different. It’s not impossible to see results from training – sprinkling some hard work, consistency, and patience are required. Also, how often are you training? And at what intensity? What does your diet consist of? Are you allowing your body to recover? Are you getting enough protein in so that you can build and sustain the muscle? Are you mixing up your workouts so you can beat plateaus? Are you using more free weights or machines? In order to answer when muscle definition occurs, the factors above need to be taken into consideration first.

To increase your muscle tone, you must train with weights and a program that will allow you to achieve hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is a term used for building muscle and occurs when you are consistent with completing high-volume weight training sessions. High volume means that you complete multiple exercises for each muscle, and you perform anywhere from three to six sets of six to twelve repetitions of each exercise. If weight training only happens twice a week for you, then it will take a little longer than someone who is weight training say four to five days a week.

Coke, pizza, cookies, the new frozen yogurt place that opened up across the street, does that sound good to you? To see muscle definition your diet needs to be up to par. Chicken, eggs, whole grains, vegetables, natures candy, water, etc… is what we’re talking about. Muscle can’t really be seen if there is too much body fat. To reduce body fat you need to create a deficit in calories. As you may know pizza, cookies, ice cream, etc… are an easy way to rack up those calories and without any nutrients. Comfort foods only get you feeling good for a few minutes  feeling horrible shortly after consumption. Eating healthier meals and snacks will allow you to eat more and get the nutrients you need as well as always making you feel good.

And always remember that 3,500 calories = 1 pound

This information should not discourage you from achieving your personal health and fitness goals. In fact this information should help you understand what is required to achieve your personal health and fitness goals. The information provided is to motivate you to set realistic goals so that unrealistic goals don’t get in the way of having you give up. A little patience and hard work is required on your part. Putting in hard work will get you feeling confident, healthy, and strong so long as you’re consistent and stick to this new way of life. Each day you train and each time you turn down an unhealthy meal or snack you are investing in your future. Time will start to fly by when you’re putting in the work, you will look back and be so proud at the amount of work and sacrifice you put in. The investment you make is promising you a healthy and strong future, one where you’ll reap the fruits of your investments. Life long satisfaction awaits you, just stay focused on your goal, not how long it will take and before you know it muscles will appear in the clear.