If you’ve been on social media the past 24 hours then you’ve probably come across the distasteful music video “الكوبرا”. Although a lot of people have reservations about the video for a lot of different reasons, there is one that strung a cord with us in particular. You’ve probably guessed it by now, it’s the blatant animal abuse that took place in that production.

It’s hard to address this without wanting to say all the mean words that were ever written and even make up some to describe all those who were involved in the making of that video. If you haven’t seen, we’re not going to link it for you because it’s not okay to promote a video like that because that’s exactly what they want. Unfortunately, too many people in the media believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

However, in this case, there is. You can’t just hire a vet to put a lion under anesthesia just so someone can use him in the music video. You can not, by all means, get a cat (or any animal for that matter) and put her/him under emotional distress. To see that cat have a fit about being that close to a lion is nothing short of heartbreaking. Thankfully, we found some viewers that felt the same as we do.

Although SPARE is a great non-profit organization that fights for animal rights and aims to improve the situation in Egypt, it is quite sad that we still don’t have an official government-run organization for the protection of animal rights. An organization like that would censor movies, music videos and anything publicized on the media to see if any animal rights were violated in the making. Maybe then we wouldn’t see a well-known vet agreeing to put a lion under anesthesia for the sake of “entertainment”. This is something we can not bite our tongue about any longer.



We can not just accept that just because around 60 percent of the Egyptian population is living under the line of poverty that we can not think of animal rights because we have bigger problems to solve. Being poor has nothing to do with being cruel and we should never say that some souls are more significant than others. Our children should not grow up learning that you can be kind to animals only if you have money, what does that even mean?! So, please, if anyone still believes that fighting for animal rights won’t change how developed we are as a nation, just think about what you’re teaching your kids.


If they do need to use animals in the music video, they could have spent the money used to pay the vet and “rent” (God, I hate saying that word regarding living souls) the lion for the shoot to hire a decent video effects specialist to add a CGI lion to the video. They could have even used a toy lion or a costume of a lion. It would show that the production of this video took into consideration the lives of the poor animals being exploited. It would have gained them endless respect from so many viewers and put their message across just fine. If only, there was an organization to put them in check and so many other music videos that don’t think twice about any non-human life.


We wish more celebrities used their fame for more good, especially when it comes to animals. Someone like Tara Emad sells her used red carpet gowns to the highest bidder and take all of that money exclusively to animal shelters. Now, those are steps everyone would be proud to follow.