Nectarine is similar to the peach and belongs to the same family; freestone and clingstone varieties of nectarine are sold under the same name. Nectarines have smoother skins than peaches and are more colorful, with a tastier flesh.
Choose: perfumed nectarines that are not too hard, have no spots, cracks or bruises.
Avoid: fruit with a green tinge.
Storing: handle nectarines carefully, as they become damaged easily. Do not store them piled up on each other and wash only before using.
At room temperature: a few days. Place nectarines in a paper bag to accelerate ripening.
In the fridge: extended keeping time. For more flavor, let stand at room temperature for a while before eating.
In the freezer: pitted, blanched and peeled. When the fruit is very ripe, freeze as a compote or purée. Add lemon juice to prevent discoloration.


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