So, you’re now 40 weeks pregnant and the bun has been in the oven for just a little too long. As enjoyable as pregnancy can be, it is a long journey and by the end of it you just want to be done and are more than ready to meet the new love of your life. If this is the case, try out these simple and natural ways to get the ball rolling and help start or speed up the labor process.

Bumpy Car Ride

The word bump spelled out on the street before a speed bump, which is also know as a sleeping policeman, kipping cop, slow child, road hump, speed hump, speed breaker, judder bar, or ramp.My mom swears that while she was pregnant with my twin brother and me, the only thing that started the labor process at 41 weeks pregnant was a bumpy car ride earlier that evening. Turns out, she is not the only one who seems to find this old school method effective. Mom and pregnancy blogs are filled with pregnant moms who also confirm that a bumpy car ride can help speed things along. Good thing we have plenty of road bumps in Egypt!


datesNot only can dates help induce labor, but they have been shown to reduce overall labor duration and reduce the risk of complications too. Not only do dates help encourage your uterine muscles contract, but they are also a great source of easily absorbed energy to help you push more efficiently when the time eventually comes.


pineapplePineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which may help soften the cervix and stimulate smooth muscles to induce labor. This enzyme is destroyed during heating or canning processes, so make sure you eat fresh pineapple to get the maximum labor inducing benefits.

Spicy Food

spicy foodWhy not have your last date night before the baby arrives involve some authentic Mexican or Thai food? Spicy food causes the release of hormones throughout your digestive system, which can trigger mild uterus contractions to have you pushing sooner rather than later.


walking pregnancyThe natural swaying of your hips plus good-old gravity makes taking a simple walk one of the best approaches to encouraging labor along. Unless you have a medical condition, don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t be active throughout your pregnancy.


sex pregnancyThere is evidence to suggest that having sex can help induce labor, firstly by stimulating uterus contractions and secondly because prostaglandin hormones in sperm help ripen and prep the cervix for labor. Even if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll still have had some fun trying, right?

Finally, remember that your baby will only come when it is 100% ready and there is no need to be impatient. Simply enjoy the journey however long and tedious it may be!