Move over green juices, there’s a new juice trend about to hit town. Yes, you heard that right, mixing a few tablespoons of activated charcoal to the usual cold-pressed juices is the newest health trend. Activated charcoal is the black powder residue of coconut shells or wood. Why on earth would anyone drink that, we hear you ask?

Activated charcoal’s chemical make up gives it unique properties that allow toxins and other chemicals to stick to it. Because of this quality, there are claims that it is one of the best detoxifying agents out there, and that it will draw impurities out of your body if you drink it. Less toxins means glowing skin, better digestion, more energy, and many more benefits.

Although the idea is great and makes sense, and we’ll admit it that at first we were sold, the truth is all these claims are not scientifically backed. Charcoal’s binding properties will indeed flush unwanted chemicals out of your body, but that could also mean that by drinking it you will allow it to also bind to nutrients and other beneficial chemicals within our body and could ultimately create a counterproductive effect.

In conclusion, adding charcoal to your kale juice could detoxify you, or it could bind to all of kale’s nutrients and flush them out of your body. The binding of charcoal to chemicals is not specific to bad substances because it binds to pretty much anything it can find.

What do you think? Would you like to see charcoal infused juices in Cairo soon?