A Muslim, a hijabi and a well-known beauty blogger just became one of the new Cover Girl’s brand ambassadors. Nura Afia, who has her own YouTube channel that is followed by more than 200,000 subscribers, will be representing the US mainstream brand for their “So Lashy” mascara.  This also means that Afia will be appearing on billboards and commercials in Times Square in New York City with several other models


This is a big step for any hijabi who thinks that following her own beliefs can stop in front of her dreams. The strive for success and the persistence in pursuing your passion are the keys to finding your way. Afia, who always thought that hijab would hold her back, has more than 300,000 Instagram followers and it seems like hijab made her stand out among other beauty bloggers. She provided her wide range of make-up enthusiasts with video tutorials of how to create different makeup looks.


The announcement made by Cover Girl to promote diversity and inclusiveness will also feature James Charles, the 17-years old make-up artist along with other diverse faces that include two black women, an Asian-American woman and Latina actress Sofia Vergara.